The Collaborative Plan


  • 10 acres
  • 56 single-family homes
  • Average lot size: 5,450 – 8,500 sf
  • Average home size: 2,500 – 3,500 sf
  • Same low density as surrounding neighborhood

Shaped by Public Input

Trumark Homes’ plan for La Puerta is the product of working with our neighbors, the City of Claremont and Claremont Unified School District over several years to identify a shared vision and goals for the site. The collaborative plan for La Puerta:

  • Eliminates ALL proposed changes to La Puerta Sports Park and Cahuilla Park
  • Reduces overall unit count by 15%
  • Increases average lot size by 15%
  • Removes privacy gates/walls
  • Creates new, self-contained overflow parking
  • Enhances housing designs to create better exterior visuals for surrounding neighbors
  • Maintains low-density zoning of the surrounding neighborhood

Responding to the Community

The La Puerta plan is the product of more than two years of discussions between the City of Claremont, Claremont Unified School District, the local community and Trumark Homes. This valuable feedback has helped to create a collaborative vision for the school site that matches the character of the surrounding neighborhoods and provides benefits to residents throughout Claremont. See below how the La Puerta Plan has improved as a result of the public’s input.

Issue Initial Plan Feedback Compromise Plan
Sports Parks Plans included major upgrades to La Puerta Sports Park and Cahuilla Park A group of neighbors – called “Keep La Puerta Public” – demanded no park alterations as part of this project New plan eliminates the proposed park plans – the community will be contained entirely on the former school site
Homes 65 single family detached homes that matched local density Reduce amount of overall unit count Reduced homes by about 15%; plan now includes 56 single-family detached homes (still at the same density zone as the local neighborhood)
Lot Sizes 4,799 average lot size Increase lot sizes to 10,000 sf. While 10,000 sf lot sizes cannot be achieved and are not supported by the market, Trumark has increased avg. lot sizes by 15% with lots up to 8,500 sf
Forbes Ave. 12 lots along Forbes with 4,400 sf average Reduce units and increase lot sizes along Forbes Reduced unit count and increased lot size averages by 20%